The 2003 Girls Caboto Blue Devilsv were selected TEAM OF THE WEEK in the Windsor Star this past week. Congrats on representing the club with class and hard effort.

Team of the Week: Caboto Blue Devils


The 2003 Girls Caboto Blue Devils lost one game enroute to capturing a gold medal at the 54th A.C. Douglas Soccer Tournament in Niagara Falls. Front row, from left: Emma Yoworski, Briarlynn Dufault, Gabriella Idone, Miranda Iacoboni, Alexia Egglezos, Mackenzie Elliot, Olivia Rizzo; back row, from left: coach Frank Rizzo, Taylor Scott, Leah Thwaites, Alexandria Konstantinou, Nathalia Villalta, Ashley Livingston, Libby Hearn, Michaela Gualtieri, Rion Barron, Ava Adoranti, coach Peter Villalta

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